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This MBA is designed to support experienced and globally oriented managers to be truly successful in their careers in an international environment and within the Russian context.


The economy of the Russian Federation is rapidly evolving from a state controlled plan economy aimed at the local market into a free market economy within the international economic system. Foreign investments are increasing substantially. More and more foreign companies start working in the Russian market, have their representatives in Russia and enroll Russian employees. On the other hand, Russian companies make increasing efforts for co-operation with foreign firms, entering international markets and doing business abroad.

The development of this fundamental process results in an increasing need for managers of up-to-date knowledge modern managerial methods and techniques. There exists a basic demand for advanced management education and regular re-training of executive managers.

Why follow this program at Antwerp Management School?

This MBA is designed to support experienced and globally oriented managers to be truly successful in their careers in an international environment and within the Russian context. We aim at 'de-specialization' and preparing 'generalists'.

In contrast to other MBA programs where the Russian partner only bares the organizational functions, the Russian component brings independent added value to this program. The Russian Faculty and business speakers engaged in this program take into account the Russian economic, business and cultural peculiarities and thus make this program more relevant for managers operating in the Russian context.

To enhance your global outlook, you will join your fellow Executive MBA participants from our Antwerp campus during three one-week global residencies in Moscow, New York and Antwerp. On these study trips local challenges are investigated from an economic, geopolitical, cultural and environmental point of view. The residencies include lectures, company visits and debates with business leaders, exposing you to international business strategies and developing your intercultural competence of working in culturally diverse teams and organizations.


What can you expect?

Content level: Strategic.

After attending this program:

  • You will have enhanced your analytical and critical thinking and improved your decision making
  • You will have a solid understanding of all the functional areas of global business
  • you will have gained a thorough insight of how organizations create value for their customers
  • You can bring extra value to your current position when applying the best practices and frameworks in your day to day work
  • You are able to create a corporate reflection and a holistic approach
  • You will have developed internal consultancy skills and change-agent capabilities


What's this program about?

The traditional and vested MBA content is of course highly valued and rooted in the program: we deepen and broaden your conceptual knowledge of the business, stretching you beyond your given specialist expertise into the realm of strategic thinking and acting. The MBA is a carefully integrated cycle of learning' taking you through different phases from laying foundations to analysis and integration.

MBA Moskow program outline


For who?

Career level: General management, Senior management, Middle management.

This program is designed for self-critical professionals with open minds and very positive learning attitudes with all kinds of expertise, from various sectors, international and Russian companies, managerial positions and backgrounds. An MBA participant dares to explore and experiment, and values collaboration with class peers in their strife to achieve a mutual goal.

Practical information

You can either choose the weekend or modular format.

Weekend format

This format allows you to minimize absence from your office and travel stress within Moscow. Classes are usually organized 2 or 3 times a month on: Fridays (14:00 - 21:40) and Saturdays (9:30 - 15:50). Depending on Faculty availability, some will be on Friday(evenings) and Saturdays (9:30 - 17:50) and Sundays (9:30 - 17:50)

Modular format

This format is convenient for top managers of large foreign and domestic companies operating in the regions of Russia. It is organized in 5 modules of 9 days in Moscow (from Saturday till Sunday, 10 hours a day).

Global residencies

Three global one-week residencies in Moscow, New York City and Antwerp, where you'll join fellow MBA participants from our Antwerp campus.


Upon request.
Payment is to be made in Rubles according to the exchange rate of the day of invoicing.

General Conditions apply to our programs.


Institute of Business Studies Moskow
84, Prospekt Vernadskogo, Academy of Civil Service under the president of the Russian Federation, office 1174
Moscow, Russian Federation


  • Higher education
  • At least 5 years of management experience
  • At least 27 years old
  • Fluency in English (upper intermediate level)
  • Fluency in Russian


Graduates are granted an official Belgian master degree 'Master of Business Administration' and receive a Certificate from IBS.

Level University
Form Part-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 18 months
Costs (indication) More than € 4,550
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Start month October
Countries Belgium, Russia
Completion Diploma