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The IE Brown Executive MBA is a highly innovative program designed to provide senior managers with the opportunity to develop and broaden their management and leadership skills in an intensive, international environment. The program brings together faculty from two leading academic institutions, integrating leading management thinking with wider perspectives from the humanities, social sciences, engineering, and life sciences. The program is based on a unique interdisciplinary approach, and was specifically developed by leading faculty members from IE and Brown to help participants excel in an ever more complex and challenging global economy. The program combines the very best of both schools' vast experience and expertise. The shared values of both institutions, including a distinctly international focus, a strong commitment to the value of diversity and an entrepreneurial mindset, are strengthened even further through this partnership.

Designed against the backdrop of twenty-first century management and leadership challenges, the program provides cutting edge training in all the functional areas of
management and cultivates leaders who are:
• entrepreneurially-minded employing innovative thinking to turn challenges into opportunities;
• globally-aware and inquisitive of the social, political, economic, and technological changes in the world;
• morally-grounded with a strong ethical compass and an understanding that real economic value creation must be socially and environmentally sustainable;
• authentic, flexible, and able to cope with ambiguity - the attributes needed to manage and lead in times of change.

A program that is not for everyone

In keeping with the two schools' values and strengths, the IE Brown Executive MBA goes further than a traditional MBA. The program is designed to pose the pertinent questions of our time and to foster critical inquiry in the best liberal arts tradition.

The IE Brown Executive MBA is particularly well-suited if you aspire to:
• … understand how the history, culture, and politics of countries and regions shape the marketplace in a global business environment.
• … learn how the latest breakthroughs in science and engineering can become the basis for breakout entrepreneurial businesses.
• … explore the critical role of human endeavor-from research and development to the arts, culture and popular media-in shaping services and products to meet emerging demands.
• … enjoy questioning conventional wisdom and critically examining fundamental business concepts such as "market", "rationality", "value", and "globalization".
• … engage in a program that puts human beings-and the timeless insights of the humanities - at the very center of management.

> Bachelor degree or equivalent (may be waived if candidate demonstrates exception professional experience)
> Minimum 3 years of management experience
> Complete application form

Level University
Form Part-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment No
Lead time 15 months
Costs (indication) More than € 4,550
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Country Spain
Completion Diploma