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Master in Architectural Management and Design

IE Business School

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The Master in Architectural Management and Design is a 13 month program aimed to bridge the gap that exists between advanced design and the business in the architectural field.

The innovative and pioneering content of this master course lies in the combination of IE's well known entrepreneurial spirit and business expertise in conjunction with the design approach of IE School of Architecture & Design.

Its blended format allows students to meet their professional obligations while studying. The master combines online sessions with on-site periods.
The Architect's Backstage lecture series will enrich the students experience through direct exposure to leaders of top architecture practices who will explain their work underlining the necessary back office to achieve excellence in design.

Unique content

With its unique mix of management and advanced design instruction, the Master in Architectural Management and Design allows a deeper understanding of the relationship between business management and architectural design. It is, by no means, a business only focused course, as it has been specifically devised and designed for professionals who already have an understanding of theoretical and applied architectural principles and wish to learn and apply business expertise in this field. By the end of the course, students will have acquired all relevant business and management knowledge for design-based professional activities, and will feel comfortable combining design objectives with business requirements.

Hands on practice and coaching

The Master in Architectural Management and Design combines advanced design skills with discussions and hands-on practice about business expertise in the field of architecture. The principal methodology used is the case method. Students will be equipped with the tools of theoretical analysis that you will need to work on the practical case studies. These studies will subsequently be discussed during the general sessions.
The program culminates in the final thesis called the Venture Lab which allows participants to conceptualize their own architectural practices through a business proposal that integrates all acquired management and design skills.

Blended format

The Master in Architectural Management & Design's blended format allows online periods and three face-to-face periods, ranging from one to three weeks each. Students are therefore able to follow the program regardless of their geographic location or professional obligations and without the constraints of a fixed timetable.

The use of innovative technology allows students to interact and collaborate easily and efficiently, regardless of the physical distances between them. This method of working in virtual teams with a range of online tools accurately reflects the reality of companies in today's global business environment, where providers clients and partners make the most of the advantages afforded by an increasingly connected world. This method helps students form a solid international contact, both personal and professional.

Our renowned learning methodology is based on a high level of interaction. The combination of teamwork, face-to-face classes and videoconferences ensures almost daily contact between students and professors.

IE Online Campus is an essential point of reference for students and professors, a web platform accommodating all the program's online activities. Once admission has been granted students receive a personal account that gives access to the Online Campus, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

Thanks to innovative use of technologies, which allow us to replicate face-to-face teaching techniques, students are able to enjoy the same experience they would have in a traditional classroom.

Once connected participants are able to access three different platforms:

• Debate Forums are forums where the professor presents a case and students contribute with written posts ensuring a high level of reflection and analysis.
• Live videoconferences take place once a week enabling direct contact with fellow students and with the professor. It's a virtual class where course content is analyzed in greater depth, cases are discussed, and debate between students is encouraged.
• The platform for working groups is an area assigned to each group inside the Online Campus for their exclusive and private use. Groups will have access to different tools designed to facilitate collaboration, including a private videoconference room, where to conduct meetings, as often as you like, just as you would do in person.

Level University
Form Part-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 13 months
Costs (indication) Between € 2,700 and € 1,350
Class location type Home learning
Titles No title
Learning method E-learning (online), Self-tuition
Required language skills English
Country Spain
Completion Diploma