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Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

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The Master in Business Analytics and Big Data is an innovative gateway degree designed to train the new generation of data-savvy professionals. These detail-oriented individuals, who understand all business functions and also possess highly specialized analytical skills, will play a key role in the upcoming data-driven era. By optimizing performance and driving quality, they will lead companies in the processes of making important decisions to remain competitive in a high-speed changing business environment.

Your drive innovation

Big Data specialists are front office and results driven individuals that are specialized in identifying, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and transforming data. Their ultimate goal is to extract value from data and improve performance/efficiency across all the key functions of businesses and organizations. Moreover, they use advanced analytics and technology innovation to drive business results and provide organizations with significant competitive advantages.

Your job opportunities

While there is a large and growing demand for professionals trained to collect data and use analytics to drive performance, there is currently a deficit in the supply of these individuals in the global job market. The deficit in the labor market for data analytics professionals is growing exponentially and poses a serious challenge for recruiters, but an enviable opportunity for professionals who have the right skills and training to fill these positions.
These roles will demand an interdisciplinary set of skills well beyond what is typical of recent university graduates or those with masters in information technology or general management. After completing this masters degree you will be able to manage the languages of research methods, analytics, business performance and intelligence, and technology. This knowledge will give you the opportunity to work either in the private or public sectors in roles such as: business analyst, data scientist, business intelligence consultant, data architect, chief data officer, big data manager, among others.

The master is a 10 month program of intensive training, designed as your gateway to develop the necessary and unique set of skills required for a successful career in the world of big data and business analytics.
You have from 0 to 8 years of work experience and you like to work in an environment that is culturally diverse and interdisciplinary. Whether you have an academic background in business, technology, statistics, mathematics, or engineering you are looking for a career change that will prepare you to generate high impact. You search for a challenging role that allows you to integrate the value of data into all business functions.

Level University
Form Full-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 10 months
Costs (indication) Between € 2,700 and € 1,350
Class location type Home learning
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Country Spain
Completion Diploma