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Master in Visual and Digital Media

IE Business School

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Bridging the gap between creative practice and business management.

The Master in Visual and Digital Media offers an innovative combination of intensive training in the creative and managerial aspects of visual and digital content creation. Whether you want to start your own company, become a consultant, or work within an existing organization, the program will help you develop the skills, creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset you will need to compete and thrive as a 21st century visual and digital media professional.

By the end of the program, you will be able to conceive, develop, execute, manage, and evaluate all kinds of creative visual and digital media projects from start to finish. And you will have learned indispensable skills for working in creative and business environments. The program responds to an emerging need for communication professionals who possess strong foundations in creative content conceptualization and production, creative project management, video, photography and graphic design, visual and multimedia storytelling, critical thinking, new digital media formats, strategic communication, social media, and business management. Students learn indispensable skills for working in visual and digital media environments: understanding the communication and business needs of clients and developing and managing projects with an integrated vision of every step in the process from start to finish.

Drawing on IE's internationally recognized excellence in business education, the Master in Visual and Digital Media offers a unique mix of academic and professional expertise, creative practice, and managerial training.

The Master in Visual and Digital Media welcomes graduates with backgrounds from disciplines such as Communication, Design, Business, Fine Arts, Art History, Architecture, Media, Marketing, Advertising, Humanities, etc.; students who are interested in developing their creative, theoretical, and practical abilities to work in visual and digital media creation and management.

Level University
Form Full-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment No
Lead time 10 months
Location Madrid, Spain
Costs (indication) More than € 4,550
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Start month October
Country Spain
Completion Diploma