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Executive Master in Marketing & Sales

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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Get more juice from your talent.

The Executive Master in Marketing & Sales (EMMS) by SDA Bocconi is a specialized and international master that runs over 14 months and is taught entirely in English. The executive format of the program means that traditional classes are combined with distance learning sessions, allowing you to work and study at the same time. The master focuses on sales and marketing, and offers you the opportunity to study not only at SDA Bocconi in Milano but also at ESADE in Barcelona and Madrid.

In partnership with

The Executive Master in Marketing & Sales is offered in partnership with ESADE Business School to give you an even bigger range of opportunities, contacts and experiences.

EMMS is the Master for you if

  • You want to progress further in your career without taking time out to study
  • You wish to strengthen your knowledge of sales and marketing in an international context
  • You want to be able to apply immediately what you have learned in the program
  • You are interested in developing networking opportunities in the international market

What EMMS can offer you

A unique and specialized program of study in marketing and sales that includes classes in 3 different cities, distance learning sessions and the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned through a business project.

Benefits of choosing EMMS

1 master, 2 schools, 3 cities

EMMS is a unique program in our portfolio of executive, specialized masters, because it leads to a qualification awarded by two internationally renowned institutions: SDA Bocconi School of Management and ESADE Business School.

A network three times bigger

An executive master has a different degree of intensity when compared to a full-time program, however it is an equally effective environment to develop a network of personal and professional contacts that can grow over time. In the case of EMMS, you have the advantage of building your network across two different schools and three cities.

An intense and all-rounded program

There are 7 modules in this program, each made up of a residential and a distance learning part. The program covers a broad range of subjects, from the fundamentals of marketing to the strategic aspects of client relationship and innovation. Other activities include workshops on specific topics and a final business project.

Experience life in Milano, Barcelona and Madrid

In addition to your current home, where you will be based during the distance learning sessions, EMMS offers you the chance to study in three different international cities, something that no other program, whether full-time or executive, can offer.

Structure and calendar

9th edition 2015-2016

The total length of the Executive Master in Marketing & Sales is 14 months, from January 2015 - February 2016.




Fundamental Courses 1
Marketing Management
Channel Management
Anthropology of consumption: A cultural approach

Residency module:
12 - 17 January 2015 (Milano)
Distance Learning:
19 January - 7 March 2015 (online)


Fundamental Courses 2
Marketing Research
Brand Management
Going to the Market

Residency module:
9 - 14 March 2015 (Barcelona)
Distance Learning:
16 March - 9 May 2015 (online)


Advance Courses 1
Price Strategy and Management
Sales Management 1
Strategic Marketing

Residency module:
11 - 16 May 2015 (Milano)
Distance Learning:
18 May - 4 July 2015 (online)


Advance Courses 2
International Marketing Management
Finance for Marketing & Sales
Digital Enablers

Summer Break
2 weeks, August 3 - 16 (included)

Residency module:
6 - 11 July 2015 (Barcelona)
Distance Learning:
13 July - 12 September 2015 (online)


Advance Courses 3
Sales Management 2
F2F Workshop: Negotiation Skills
CRM and Business Intelligence
F2F Workshop: Leading and Managing People

Residency module:
14 - 19 September 2015 (Madrid)
Distance Learning:
21 September - 7 November 2015 (online)


Advance Courses 4
Marketing Creativity and Innovation
Integrated Marketing Communication
Winter Break
2 weeks, December 21 - January 03 (included)

Residency module:
9 - 12 November 2015 (Milano)
Distance Learning:
16 November 2015 - 17 January 2016 (online)


Graduation Module
F2F Workshop: Presentation Skills
New Trends in Marketing
Top Manager Address
Head Hunter Address
Business Project presentation
Graduation Ceremony
Barcelona: 17 - 19 February 2016
5 Fundamental Courses
10 Advanced Courses
4 Face-to-Face Workshops

Level University
Form Part-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 14 months
Location Milan, Italy
Costs €34500
Class location type At the institute
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Country Italy
Completion Diploma
Testimonial Executive Master in Marketing & Sales

"It was undoubtedly the smartest investment and the most brilliant decision I have made in my life. EMMS embraces both B2B and B2C market perspectives but goes far beyond "marketing-as-usual" boundaries. It simply flies higher and provides a brighter holistic vision that enables participants to think differently forever. Two highly ranked Business Schools, a great Faculty and a commitment by selected international students makes EMMS a top-notch program and a unique life-changing experience!"

Paolo Cavaioni (Area Manager), CHIMEC SPA