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Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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Increase your value. And the value of your people.

The Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management (EMSHRM) offers you a 10 month international executive program that places an in-depth emphasis on the business context of HR management and leadership by focusing on the organizational and strategic issues influencing HR decisions.

What EMSHRM can offer you

  • A focus on strategic and organizational issues that influence HR decisions
  • The knowledge to advise top executives and to drive changes in complex organizational settings.
  • A thorough understanding of key HR strategies, structure, systems and processes.
  • The tools to understand the context in which HR strategy and leadership play a part.

Benefits of choosing EMSHRM

An all-round view of HR

This Master is taught in collaboration with Cornell University Faculty.
By having two faculties working together, the program is able to offer students a wider variety of perspectives on the HR strategy and systems, making the learning experience even more valuable. Moreover, numerous guest speakers from EMSHRM International Board, make the participation lively and always connectet with business practice and excellence.

An invaluable network

A Master like EMSHRM will allow you to build an international network, both during and after the program. Many of your contacts will be colleagues, board members, organizations, and alumni - an ever-growing network that will prove priceless over the years.

Knowledge that is immediately applicable

There are 8 modules in the program, each lasting four to six days, including six Saturdays. These modules are intensive and designed to offer knowledge that can immediately be put into practice in the workplace. Subjects covered range from strategy, finance, HR strategy, structure and systems to leadership, in an international perspective.

Wherever you are, SDA Bocconi is where you want to be

While this program will allow you to continue working, no matter where you are based, SDA Bocconi will be the place where you come to study, meet with colleagues, faculty board members and develop long-term relationships that will enlarge your professional network.

Structure and calendar

6th edition 2014

The program begins on 12 February 2014 and ends in November 2014 with the graduation ceremony.

The program requires a total of thirty-six days of face-to-face learning, designed around eight modules ranging in length from three to six days. In order to measure knowledge and learning outcomes against everyday company practice and issues, participants also engage in four individual projects for approximately forty days of distance learning work.

The modular approach, coupled with in-depth individual and team-based work, allows for a full immersion in class discussion while maintaining continuous contact with organizations.




People Strategy
1st Assignment

12-15 February 2014



12-15 March 2014


HR Performance
2nd Assignment

9-12 April 2014


HR Global and European Context
13-17 May 2014


Talent Acquisition and Development
3rd Assignment

9-13 June 2014


Organizational Design and Change
9-13 September 2014


Performance Management and Compensation
8-11 October 2014


HR Leadership
4th Assignment tailored on each participant's need
17-21 November 2014

Level University
Form Part-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 10 months
Location Milan, Italy
Costs €33500
Class location type At the institute
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Start month February
Country Italy
Completion Diploma
Testimonial Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management

Why did you choose a master in HRM?

"My aim was to expand my professional HR horizon in an international Master's program. Further to this I wanted to couple my experience as an HR Business Partner with a Master's program which would enable me to deepen my knowledge on HR best practices, develop my skills and look at common practices from a more strategic point of view. In addition, I was also interested in a program that would allow me to exchange experiences and HR practices with a diversified group of HR professionals."

What did you get from EMSHRM?

"The program helped me to develop a more strategic and business focused perspective on HR practices. It also helped to deepen my understanding on a variety of relevant HR topics and provided me with interesting insights. Further to this it was very helpful to share ideas and practices with experienced HR professionals. The business focused approach allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the modules immediately at my work place and stimulated thought process in certain areas of HR. Moreover, I believe that I profited from the international focus of the program which is well suited for HR Professionals who operate in a multinational environment."

Sarah Stary (HR Business Partner Europe), Trina Solar, Zurich
Testimonial Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management

Why did you choose a master about strategic HRM?

"I joined Otis over 20 years ago in HR department and then I moved through different business areas. In all these experiences, one common factor was always the people, "the results-makers." Raising my experience at the strategic level, I thought I could enhance my skills in a decisive manner making me much more confident to return the investment made by my Company."

What did you get from EMSHRM?

"With this experience, I rekindled my brain. I could compare well-presented methods, with speakers of the highest level and with challenging and ongoing work to review and discuss with all participants. The assignments have allowed me to finalize what has been discussed in monthly modules.
In particular, I believe that the last assignment will be the real "output" of the entire EMSHRM. This is a project that I intend to develop within my company, by implementing it operationally. To be a "global player" inside the Company will allow me to sell the HR function in a more pragmatic and conditioned way from a business results point of view."

Dario Galazzi (Human Resources Director), OTIS Italy Group, Milan