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Making Successful Acquisitions

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MSA brochureWhat does this programme cover?

Studies have shown that as many as 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to meet their objectives. Some even bankrupt the acquiring company.

Why? Because managers have too little experience with the acquisition process and they make acquisitions for the wrong reasons.

This programme will introduce you to the 10 steps to successful acquisitions, giving you the experience you need to lead an acquisition or to participate at any stage.

What will I learn?

How to formulate a strategy for mergers and acquisitions that fits your objectives, how to cut a deal and how to make it work.

You will gain sound knowledge of the factors driving an acquisition process such as clarifying strategy, valuing the target, carrying out due diligence assessment and developing an implementation plan.

Through a series of discussion groups, role-plays and guest speakers as well as a computer simulated dry-run experience you will understand the roles of others involved and gain the confidence to contribute effectively to your business acquisition.

Who's it for?

You are a leader, a contributing specialist or involved in the organisation at managerial level and need to know more about what's involved in the mergers and acquisition process.

How will my company or organisation benefit?

The skills you acquire on the programme will help ensure your organisation is one of the few to make a success from acquisitions.

Programme Content

The ten steps to successful mergers and acquisitions:

  • Formulating a strategy
  • Defining acquisition criteria
  • Searching for the target
  • Planning the acquisition process
  • Valuing and evaluating the target
  • Negotiating the deal
  • Carrying out financial and commercial due diligence
  • Completing the purchase and sale contract
  • Financing the deal
  • Taking charge and integrating the business

Programme Structure

Pre programme - to prepare for this programme you are encouraged to think about your acquisition experience. Why do some acquisitions create value and others destroy value? You are also asked to prepare a short case study.

Programme - over three days you acquire a complete toolkit including a dry-run of the acquisition process. You have the opportunity to discuss your issues with other professionals, learn from guest speakers and take part in practical exercises. You leave with the confidence and skills to contribute to a successful acquisition.

Post programme - feel free to contact either of the programme tutors to jog your memory or ask for additional help.

You will also be given a complimentary copy of "Successful Business Acquisition" co-authored by your programme director, David Smith. This gives more details on the 10 steps and includes case studies and examples of best practice.

You automatically become a member of the Ashridge Alumni for the current year, enabling you to keep in touch with latest thinking.

What makes this programme different?

  • It is the only step-by-step acquisitions programme in the UK
  • World class tutors who take you through every step of the acquisition process
  • Guest speakers to provide first hand experiential knowledge of acquisitions
  • High calibre course participants from a broad range of industries with whom to exchange common acquisition problems and solutions
  • Access to the streaming-seminars follow-up website with video footage
  • The inspirational surroundings of Ashridge to stimulate your creativity and your ability to look at things from a different angle.

Level University
Form Part-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 3 days
Location Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK
Costs €4356
Class location type At the institute
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Country United Kingdom
Completion Certificate
“I credit the growth of my own business to the Ashridge MBA”

"Excellent, fully met our requirements. Will be sending more CSL employees on this course."

Atal Malviya (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer), Odimax Limited