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An impressive list of 40 elective courses falling under 5 cutting edge majors allows students to fit the degree to their specific needs and interests.

The MBA International program of the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB) is a leading European MBA program. Offered by AUEB, the most prestigious Greek University in Economics & Business, the program is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and has appeared in numerous MBA rankings. It offers a unique management program in a wide range of disciplines of Business Administration, such as Finance and Financial Engineering, Marketing and Strategy, Human Resources Management, E-business, Supply Chain Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, etc.

MBA Programme Structure

The wide range of majors gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge into an area of interest, thus facilitating a career switch or developing an existing specialty. Besides the general track (Business Administration) the following majors are offered:

  • Major in Finance
  • Major in Marketing & Strategy
  • Major in Entrepreneurship & New Business Development
  • Major in International Business
  • Major in Technology, Logistics & Operations

The Elective Courses provide a more advanced exposure to specialist management concepts. A brief selection of electives currently offered includes: Innovation and Creativity, E-Commerce and Inter-Organizational Networks, Management of Change, International Negotiations, Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, Financing an Entrepreneurial Venture. Two of the outstanding features of the program, are the Personal Skills Development Program (PSDP) and the Immersion Project (FSP).

The PSDP is a personalized coaching and development program which assists the participant to develop and improve his/her personal skills, such as communications, teamwork, stress management, negotiations, etc. This course includes a number of activities, such as lectures, assignments, cases, role playing, presentations, coaching, etc. In this program, the participant is also assisted in developing his/her personal career plans.

The Immersion Project is the meeting point of knowledge, skills and practice. Pursuing our 14-year tradition of the Field Study Projects, where students undertake a company sponsored project in teams, the Immersion Project broadens the scope of this capstone and credit-awarding activity of our MBA. Through the immersion project, students significantly reinforce the learning- and career- enhancing outcomes of their studies. Students are the actors of forming their Immersion Project, and five different options are available: the Field Study Project (FSP), an International Internship, an Entrepreneurial Project, a CSR Action or a Personal Project.

MBA International also offers an active Research Program that brings new knowledge to the classrooms, a dynamic international exchange program, an active career program and numerous corporate activities including the Executive Lecture Series, the Company Days, the Executive Seminars and the International Fellowship Program.

Besides the very broad curriculum, students participate in a number of extracurricular activities that aim to develop further their personal or professional interests, as well as their networking, such as career days, business games and competitions, athletic events, etc.

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  • Dr. George Ioannou
    Dr. George Ioannou
  • Dr. George Ioannou
    Dr. George Ioannou
    Program manager
  • Eleftheria Psathogiannaki
    Eleftheria Psathogiannaki
    Director of admissions
Bozidar Jovicevic, Serbia,MBA 2006

“MBA program at AUEB was for me so much more than learning modern business tools/methodologies and getting ready to work in a truly global workplace. It was an environment which also encouraged me to take a step-back and rethink my personal strengths, values and aspirations and design my future career accordingly.”

Bozidar Jovicevic,
European Brand Director, Novartis AG - Switzerland

Bozidar Jovicevic, (European Brand Director,), Novartis AG - Switzerland
Rabih G. Ouaijan, Greek/Lebanese- Part Time 2006

The AUEB MBA was truly an exciting and unique experience which included learning cutting-edge financial, accounting, international business, organizational, operational, and management theory, from renowned leading researchers who also had strong links to the market. This proved to be an invaluable asset! During my undergraduate degree I had learned many of these theories we studied; however, in the MBA I internalized them! It helped me make sense of everything I was doing and put things in context. Everyday I lived what I learned; I applied it, and made decisions based on it. It helped me develop a thorough understanding of what is required to make a business run smoothly and it taught me the importance of continued conscience self improvement.

Another beautiful trait that strongly differentiates the AUEB MBA program from other MBA’s was the fact that lessons never stop at the classroom door! Quite often after a long tiring day at work and after classes, most students and professors get together and spend a remarkable evening drinking and dining in one of the many cozy nearby pubs and restaurants that Athens has to offer. The intellectual dialogue and debate exchanged during these encounters make for a whole new learning experience in itself.

The knowledge, skills, confidence and credibility I acquired from the program were pivotal to my progression and success in the company I was currently working since after joining the MBA I was continuously assigned new responsibilities

Silvia Maria Danciu, Sales Manager -Atlas Corporation,Romania, Full Time MBA 2006

The International MBA of AUEB was indeed a unique experience and a personal growth opportunity that I will never forget.

Together with the valuable knowledge and the international exposure, a key benefit to appreciate is the people I met. I mean people to learn from (both professors and students with diverse backgrounds), people to work with (career and business opportunities that truly shaped my path) and best friends to count on.

I strongly recommend the program for the quality of courses, the wide range of specializations and the multilateral development opportunities it provides.

Belma Erka, Balikesir, Turkey, 1973 - Full Time MBA 2004, Entrepreneship specialization

An MBA is one of the biggest investments in terms of time, effort and money you are ever likely to make, so it’s essential to pick the right program that will assist you to gain and develop a competitive edge and receive a genuine tailor-made education. When I was obtaining information concerning the best choice to follow my MBA studies, I found out that AUEB would be the right solution, due to its excellent academic record, multicultural environment specially focusing on Balkans, which, in fact would initiate potential opportunities for new career prospects in the area. My intellectual curiosity, demonstrated professional achievement and passion of quest for the best were the reasons to be chosen as the only Turkish student in the program’s history. With academic reputation, outstanding professional background and substantial business network, the program has paid back quickly its benefits and I was recruited by National Bank of Greece Group (NBG) which has a strong presence in the East Europe and recently in Turkey. Studying in Athens was a great experience for me in order to bridge the gap in understanding the cultural differences and failures that two adjacent countries have been facing. Being the only Turkish banker in NBG Group and working as a liaison, my main responsibility is to take part intensively in enriching the exchange of business and cultural experiences between two communities which in return contributed me to develop abilities such as: working effectively across cultures, understanding cultural impacts on organizational structures and enhancing intercultural communication skills regardless of language barriers. People from different backgrounds created a diversified environment in AUEB, which assisted me in becoming more open-minded, culturally aware business woman who always feels at home in Athens.

Vladimir Škero,Belgade, Serbia,1979Full Time MBA 2006

My attendance at the MBA International Program of the AUEB was a fulfilment of experiences and a hallmark statement in my personal and professional life for time to come.  I was given a rare opportunity to attend a top university in Greece and one of the leading business schools in Europe. I was one of first two Serbian nationals to attend MBA International Program of the Athens University of Economics and Business and first to receive a fellowship from OTE International.


My academic experience was marked by excellence in terms of quality and curriculum offered and having had the experience of attending some of the well known academic institutions in the United States, definitely up to par with world class education. AUEB truly is a gateway of past, present, and future leaders that mark every life sphere of Athens and farther.


Upon completion of my MBA, I was offered the position of the Personal Assistant to the CEO of Atradius N.V.; second largest credit insurance company in the world. Presently I am serving as an Assistant to the President and Senior Project Manager in the Management Board, NAFTA Region with Atradius Trade Credit Insurance in Baltimore, MD, USA.


My personal experience of Athens and Greece, where I was offered to comeback for the second time in my life after completing couple of years in Athens at a high school level, was priceless for all the right reasons. I let myself be completely immersed into a Greek social and cultural background by living and experiencing open and welcoming hearts and minds of Greek people together with the beauty of Mediterranean climate and inviting cuisine. And as such I was rewarded with something uniquely Greek; joy of life . Having had the opportunity to see and experience a good part of the world, having visited some 37 countries on 4 continents, there is only one city and one country that I will always keep coming back to; Athens and Greece