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Executive MBA program is for high-calibre managers, executives and entrepreneurs who have the potential and motivation to become truly global, multi-skilled business leaders.

The Executive MBA program consisting of three modules provides a solid foundation in business and management, and through international study tours offers international exposure and valuable management insights. The program format maximizes your program experience and networking opportunities, while minimizing the time you need to spend away from work.


Executive MBA from The Hague Executive Campus sets you apart from the competition. Whether your goal is to progress within your organization, take on new or global responsibilities, or pursue an entrepreneurial venture of your own, the program will give you the knowledge, insights and confidence to perform successfully anywhere in the world.

Module 1: Learning the ropes

This first module presents five fundamental disciplines of business management. Each course combines a pre-course reading, conceptual presentations/ discussions, the opportunity to apply knowledge through a simulation or case study, and some post-course assignments. At the end of Module 1, the participants make a study trip to Brazil.

Benefits for the participant


  • Strengthen and exchange previous experience in business and management in an international environment
  • Initial experimentation and capacity to share
  • Deepen understanding of the principal functions of a company
  • Develop interpersonal and group working skills


Module 2: Getting ready for action

In the second module, the courses are more advanced and will help you build on the fundamentals previously covered. You will study concepts oriented towards managing a company’s performance through analysis and marketing strategies, acquiring skillful negotiating techniques, and exposure to principles of sustainable development and ethics. Special leadership development classes will also be scheduled on Friday evenings each month.

Benefits for the participant

  • Foster understanding and provide experience in global business issues
  • Broaden perspectives
  • Apply analytical skills to examine problems in companies
  • Develop recommendations to complex business issues in a wide range of contexts


Module 3 Making things happen

The third module is oriented towards strengthening the knowledge you need to complete the Business Plan, the EMBA capstone project. You will continue to sharpen your skills in the different management functions, and you will receive greater exposure to entrepreneurship
and leadership principles. The final study tour takes you to Bangalore (India), where the focus will be on entrepreneurship, cross-cultural sensitivity and doing business in India.


Benefits for the participant

  • Learn how to lead groups in managing business issues
  • Integrate factors to ensure success in changing environments
  • Possess solid confidence in your capacity to analyse and your ability to take decisions
  • Transmit your vision when confronting diverse cultures (India Study Tour)


Level University
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 18 months
Costs (indication) More than € 4,550
Titles No title
Required language skills English
State / Province Zuid-Holland
Country Netherlands
Completion Diploma