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Master Human Resource Management

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Facing stiffer competition in the 21st century fast paced market place the role of Human Resource Management has undergone dramatic transformation. Now a well-qualified HR manager is expected to function as an important partner in, and contributor to, a company’s overall business strategy and direction. By creating organisational programs and activities that support these strategies, HR professionals can positively impact organisational success and transformation.


Master of Human Resource Management program will prepare you to provide a strategic vision across multiple disciplines in the business environment, help assess and respond to your company's business goals to ensure that its most valuable asset — the human capital — is available, capable, effective and motivated.

You are a mid or senior level executive already working in the field of human resources but think to expand and grow your career into managing one of the HR functional areas or a general HR unit and get involved in an exciting organisational change be it mergers, acquisitions, or re-structuring.

No matter what type of Human Resource Management career you aspire to pursue, The Hague Executive Campus has an educational path to help position you for success.

Eligibility requirement

  • Bachelor Degree
  • At least five year relevant work experience in HR
  • Fluency in English
  • Personal interview
  • Internationally-minded dynamic personality

The program provides a comprehensive coverage of key theories and current developments in the field of Human Resources and places utmost emphasis on the development of skills that are of relevance to you and your organization, and are instantly applicable.

It consists of three core blocks structured into Master Classes:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management for Business focusing on in-depth understanding of business processes and tools required to manage HR on a strategic level;
  • Human Capital Performance, including culture management, leadership and diversity;
  • The Power of Influence covers the development of specific skills such as negotiation, argumentation, debating and coaching essential for any effective HR professional.


That are complemented by two extra courses in:

  • Research Methodology
  • Personal Leadership

Program Breakdown

The Master program in Human Resource Management is a part-time program consisting of 3 Master Class modules, seven month duration each, two complementary courses and a research thesis. The full programme can be completed in about 2 years.

You can either follow this program in its entirety, or opt for a Master Class module.

Level University
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 24 months
Costs (indication) More than € 4,550
Titles No title
Required language skills English
State / Province Zuid-Holland
Country Netherlands
Completion Diploma