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Master of ICT & Business Innovation

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Today ICT and business innovation have become a vital part of organisations' competitive strategy . Not only does this require a new perspective on ICT application and innovation, it places new demands on ICT professionals, specifically having skills to translate ICT into tangible added value for companies and customers.

The main focus of this program is ICT and management alignment. This program will help you gain a deeper understanding of ICT for various management aspects such as marketing, logistics, finances, HR, communications. This new knowledge coupled with professional experience you already have will add substantial value to your business and the realisation of its strategic objectives; as well as provide you with greater options for personal career growth.

The program utilises work-based learning principle to equip the participants with the necessary tools to manage business growth through ICT application and innovation. Permanent exchange between students and lecturers reinforces the synergy of academic and practical knowledge.

No matter what type of ICT Management career you aspire to pursue, The Hague Executive Campu has an educational path to help position you for success.

You work in ICT or related field and aspire to significantly increase your competence area and skill-set along the ICT value chain, from production of software to delivery of business innovation through ICT. You seek to position yourself for a career path towards a (senior) managerial role within your organisation.

You are a general business professional looking to increase your knowledge of how ICT can deliver business value and enable innovation, and you desire to acquire the skills to use ICT products and services to innovate in their own functional areas.

  • Bachelor Degree
  • Three to seven year relevant work experience in ICT or related field
  • Fluency in English
  • Personal interview
  • Internationally-minded dynamic personality

The program provides a comprehensive coverage of key theoretical and research developments in the field of ICT and emphasises the practical skills of applying ICT for strategic positioning and complex processes of organisational change and re-structuring.

This program consists of five Master Class modules:

  • ICT Alignment
  • ICT and Business Management
  • ICT and Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology
  • ICT and Commercial Relations Dynamic
  • Thesis

Program Breakdown

The Master program in ICT and Business Innovation is a part time program and consists of five Master Class modules, four months duration each. Hence the full program takes about two years to complete.

You can either follow this program in its entirety, or opt for a Master Class module(s).

Level University
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 24 months
Costs (indication) More than € 4,550
Titles No title
Required language skills English
State / Province Zuid-Holland
Country Netherlands
Completion Diploma