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About us

Knowledge is the new international currency. Social institutions, companies, governments and other organisations influenced by the knowledge economy and the knowledge society face new challenges. As a result there are major changes afoot, which have raised the levels of expectations put upon graduates once they enter the job market.

Higher-trained professionals have to perform more and different tasks with their knowledge in their changing professional domains. With practical knowledge and insight, they must contribute to innovation within their professions; translate practical knowledge and insight into creative findings, new designs, new processes and smart innovations.

Only knowledge institutions that are particularly curious will be successful in this regard. We prepare our students for this in our study programmes. We instill curiosity and a desire to learn in them. Not only through our teaching, but also through our applied research, public lectures and professional partnerships all over the world.

Our Diversity

Our 21,000 students, as well as our staff, come from over 135 different nationalities. That diversity is one of our most powerful resources. The exchange of competing ideas and opinions is what leads to real innovation.

The Hague

Our city is the perfect place to witness the workings of international trade, law and diplomacy firsthand. The International Criminal Court, the War Crimes Tribunal, Europol. They're all based right here, in our historic city. The spirit, energy and ideals of these global institutions permeate life on and off campus.

We welcome the world to our campus, and send our students and staff to learn from other lands and other cultures.

International Student Services

On campus, there's a state-of-the-art library, computer facilities, media labs and science labs to help students study. We also have several restaurants, extensive sports facilities and student lounges to help them unwind and meet friends.

We also have an International Office and student housing office, for anyone who needs help getting settled. You probably benefit a lot from the different services that our staff from the International Office has to offer you. We can give you practical advice on visas, residence permits, insurance and grants. Or keep you up to date on the latest subsidies. We can supply you with all sorts of information - from different foreign education systems and universities to grants for studying and training abroad.

Most interesting to you is that we can also apply for your visa on your behalf, to speed up the process for you. But if you would like to talk to someone when you might face a problem, there is always someone here for you, we make you feel at home!

Master Studies

We offer full-time and part-time Master's degrees at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The full-time courses take one year, the part-time courses take two years.

All of our Master programmes carry a strong international focus and a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing you for various roles in the global economy. The courses involve real work experience, as well as management theory. You'll get the chance to learn about the latest developments in your field, and hone your analytical skills.

Of our seven Masters programmes, three are taught entirely in English:

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