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At IE Business School, we view Executive Education as a way for managers, directors and company leaders to update skills, learn the latest trends and practices, and to network with other experts and managers. Executive Education addresses key issues such as increased competition, global and increasingly interdependent economies, more dynamic markets, fast-paced technological evolution, shrinking product lifecycle, constantly changing consumer habits, and corporate responsibility.
Our aim is to renew executives' global vision, competitive edge, efficiency, commitment, entrepreneurial spirit, and their motivation within a globally recognized institution, reinforcing their international perspectives.
The programs we develop, both open and in-company, are designed to transfer knowledge directly from the classroom to the workplace, resulting in a measurable impact on the company, and seek to provide a superior learning experience that will have a direct impact on your overall business management performance.

Executive Education at IE is characterized by:

Executive Development

Responding to the challenges and anticipating opportunities for the development of leadership in private and public organizations. Executive Development improves personal capacities that make Executives more effective in positions of leadership. The systematic development of management skills is vital for the improvement of processes and organizational effectiveness.

Global Character

The Global Character of IE's Executive Education is evident in the international nature of the programs we offer and our multinational clients. This means that both the contents and the culture of business must be integrated into each program while leaving room for any local adaptation that may be required. This duality is made possible thanks to the use of up-to- the minute technologies applied to learning, our relations with the corporate world and the international nature of both participants and Faculty at IE.

Innovation and Creativity

One of the defining aspects of Innovation and Creativity in IE's Executive Education programs is our investment in e-learning: proven and recognized for our leadership in the application of new technologies to education by developing and offering programs that utilize a combination of online and face-to- face training. The differentiating factors that contribute to the success of our e-learning model for managers are the combination of residential and online learning, carefully planned curricula and activities, the implementation of small virtual work groups and the constant performance evaluation of both work groups and individual participants.

Our programs are grouped in three main categories:
  • Top Management Programs
  • Open Enrollment Programs
  • Custom Education
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Challenging through a Broad curriculum

Attending IE gave me the opportunity to experience a breadth of courses, and to meet a diverse range of people, against the backdrop of an exciting city. The excellent reputation of the school in both a national and international context was an important factor in my decision as well. The program taught and challenged me through its broad curriculum and its inclusion of individual and group work, which honed my people skills. I thoroughly enjoyed my year at IE and can clearly see the value brought by the course to my career today.

Sakhee Joiser (Investment Banking), UBS
Very Good Learning Environment

“Executive Negotiation Workshop was very interesting to me, both due to the quality of the Faculty and the multinational background of the participants, creating a very good learning environment.”

Aitor Mendia, Ericcsson
Dynamic and Fulfilling Learning Atmosphere

“Teachers at IE Business School transmitted more than their expertise and knowledge in the subject, creating a dynamic and fulfilling learning atmosphere in the class.”

Silvia Gutiérrez (International Business Development Manager), Johnson & Johnson Medical
Highly recommended

“I highly recommend the AMP for other young Executives with career potential because it will give them an open mind and insight to doing business in environments different from the home country”

Roberto Vázquez Cano (Communications Manager Cemex)
Valuable Learning Experience

“The AMP is a unique opportunity, in our globalized world, to meet, discuss and learn with proven mid-term career managers. It is a valuable learning experience for professionals who are indeed committed to a continuous learning process. In addition, the caliber of professors is very high. I strongly recommend it.”

Gabriele Borla (Engineering Officer), United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations, NY
A very positive experience

“Some new topics and ideas made me rethink some of the leadership practices that I currently use. Some tools were so good that I decided to implement them immediately. People in the group were high level and the sharing of ideas and information was very practical. The atmosphere during the program was outstanding and we felt like a great team. A very positive experience!”

Katya Gorokhova (Vice President and General Manager), Kelly Services Russia
Delivers what it promises

“The Global Senior Management Program (GSMP) combines the best of academics, outstanding business leaders and a superior group of senior executives from many different sectors. It delivers what it promises!”

Angel de la Fuente (Head of Global Equities), JP Morgan
IE Business School and Technology

I feel multinational companies will need executives that understand the world landscape, and a real global business education will be a competitive advantage for aspiring graduates. IE has embraced technology ahead of every other top school I've seen and I've done my research - both through my links at Microsoft and in exploring which program I want to apply.

Paul Murphy USA (Director of Innovation), Microsoft