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INSEAD Global Executive MBA (GEMBA)

In a world of constant change, where others may see obstacles, you see opportunities and challenges. You are also demanding: you don't want to leave too much to chance. You would rather make your own choices than have them made for you. You want nothing but the best and you like to be informed.

To enhance your business experience, you are looking for a solid business education and you are now ready to invest. To invest in yourself, for you, for your company, for the future. EMBA programmes come in all shapes and sizes.

How do you know if the INSEAD EMBA is the right one for you? You will discover that the INSEAD EMBA programme has many outstanding features, the most important ones being:

  • Excellence: excellence comes from world-class Faculty who expose you to the latest business concepts; excellence also derives from the rigorous selection of participants with whom you will share the INSEAD EMBA experience; excellence is embedded in the learning process, where your assumptions and beliefs are tested and where currently accepted practices are challenged.
  • Global diversity: INSEAD is truly global. At INSEAD, international business is a way of life, not just a programme. EMBA participants come from more than 20 different countries, each one bringing a unique culture and mindset.
  • Rigour and relevance: Management is both an art and a science. The INSEAD EMBA draws on the analytical rigour of our world-class MBA Programme and combines it with our pioneering, internationally recognised experience in management practice developed through INSEAD's Executive Education programmes. This makes the INSEAD EMBA the best of both worlds.
  • Leadership: to meet your professional objectives, to leave your mark on others and your organisation, you need to share your ambition with others. You need to mobilize collective energy and instill passion. This requires self-confidence and conviction.
  • Intensity: with its 14-month format, the INSEAD EMBA is intensive, similar to our accelerated MBA Programme. Learning and doing blend together in a fast paced, highly charged and exhilarating environment, providing what some have called a cathartic experience.

Executive MBA Objectives

The INSEAD Executive MBA focuses on three key developmental objectives.

  • Managerial competence
  • International mindset and the enrichment through diversity
  • Leadership and personal development

The GEMBA leverages INSEAD's three hubs: in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The choice of the Asia, Europe and Middle East sections offer a convenient format for the participants based in these regions while also providing a truly global experience. The 3 sections come together as a global cohort for the second half of the programme.

The modular programme is structured in two key phases: Business Fundamentals and Managerial Practices. Because GEMBA participants alternate between their professional responsibilities and the programme, the aim is to apply what is learned on the programme directly into day-to-day practice on the job.

Throughout the entire programme, there is a Leadership Development Process (LDP). Emphasis is placed on dimensions of leadership. This specific integrated curriculum, LDP, helps participants identify and develop their own leadership style, and progress though reflection and exchange.

Business Fundamentals: the focus is the mastery of key management disciplines. There is a concentration of core courses, in addition to the choice of some elective courses.

Managerial Practices: the focus is on managerial practices and developing a strategic mindset. Through the Key Management Challenges (KMC), participants will be exposed to a multidisciplinary approach. The KMCs deal with broad issues of relevance to multiple constituencies and to various functional aspects of the business.

Projects constitute a significant part of the programme. They provide the opportunity to apply many of the programmeís concepts and to debate and convince colleagues in a group setting. Projects are real and will deal with current business issues. Projects address an issue that a company is willing to open for investigation. The project process will last over four months.

Executive MBA participant profile:

  • Academically solid
  • Strong Leadership potential and maturity
  • International mindset
  • Recognised achievements
  • Strong leadership potential
  • Rich business experience (11 years on average, with significant time in management)
  • Age range: 30's and early 40's

Executive MBA Programme Structure

On-campus modules - Throughout the modular programme, there are 12 weeks of on-campus, in-residence modules, in Fontainebleau, France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. In addition to the on-campus work, there is approximately five weeks of off-campus assignments.
The GEMBA is a degree programme and represents a major commitment on the part of the participants.

How to apply?

Prospective candidates fill in an online application form and send it to the INSEAD Executive MBA Admissions office, based in Fontainebleau, France.

Tsinghua - INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA)

Tsinghua University in Beijing and INSEAD are running a dual degree EMBA programme, the first programme of its kind combining international business education with an Asia focus.

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