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Accounting Practice MProf

Middlesex University

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The MProf Accounting Practice has been designed to enhance the capabilities of managers working in the accountancy profession. It does this by developing your skills of reflective practice and culminates in a major workplace based research project.


It has been designed specifically for members of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and is an excellent option for those wishing to develop themselves through a critical exploration of their role and evolving managerial responsibilities.  One of the benefits of the MProf is that it provides the opportunity to make a claim for academic recognition against your existing relevant formal and informal learning.


What is distinctive about the MProf?

  • It focuses on developing participants' individual capabilities as reflective practitioners, and through this enhancing their capability for undertaking practice-based research within their own workplace.
  • Because professionals have achieved a significant amount of both formal and informal learning, the MProf provides an opportunity to make a claim for academic credits against relevant prior learning.
  • It is designed specifically to support participants in undertaking practice-based research into their workplace activities.
  • While the knowledge gained from this research is equally rigorous to a research Masters, it is distinctive in that the participant is placed at the centre of their research investigation, and their findings tend to be applicable within their organisation.
  • Participants' study paths and projects are tailored to meet their individual needs and interests, and those of their organisations

The MProf provides an excellent opportunity for managers to use their existing expertise, professional qualifications or work experience, to gain a CIMA recognised qualification.  It is particularly suitable for managers who want to develop their leadership potential whilst continuing to develop their professional practice.

Applicants should normally have been admitted to CIMA membership and have a minimum of three years managerial or professional experience in a full-time senior position. Applications from part-qualified CIMA members will also be considered, particularly where supported by relevant managerial responsibility and/or technical expertise.

The MProf provides a structured framework for critically understanding your work-based activity. The course is divided into three phases.


Phase 1
Review of personal and professional learning, research competence and professional capability. The course recognises that the portfolio of material which is required as a pre-condition to admission to CIMA membership fully meets the requirements of this phase. Accordingly qualified members of CIMA move directly to Phase 2. 

Part-qualified CIMA members would be expected to participate in Phase 1, which would typically take 6 months and to make a cogent and persuasive case for the relevant credits which demonstrates how they have evolved as a reflective practitioner.


Phase 2
Planning a Practitioner Research Programme.  This involves the study of research methodology and exploring research methods which are appropriate to workplace research, and the preparation of a research proposal for implementation.  Phase 2 typically lasts for 6 months.


 Phase 3
The Professional Practice Project.  This is a major piece of work related to organisational change and/or professional development. It enables candidates to demonstrate  research capability in a professional context. It provides an opportunity to interrogate the learning you are achieving in the workplace, and to express this in writing in a systematic way that is both informed by and informs relevant theory. Phase 3 continues for a minimum of 12 months.

Level University
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 24 months
Costs (indication) More than € 4,550
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Country United Kingdom
Completion Diploma