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SBS is a pioneering educational institution dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy in International Management, Finance, Marketing and other fields teaching state of the art theory, immersing students in international experiences, and connecting them to best practice in business. Participants learn much more than management theory and practice; they acquire new ways of thinking that can profoundly change their lives and the success of their organization.

Make the most of your investment!

SBS Swiss Business School is a unique institution for the following reasons:

  • Convenient, affordable learning
  • International to the core
  • A fully national and international accredited institution
  • Programs ranked by international
  • magazines as Top Tier in Europe
  • Corporate connections
  • Located in Zürich

International to the core

We are truly focused on the world. From a unique introductory course in the undergraduate program to an advanced course in the Doctor of Business Administration program, the SBS experience is thoroughly international. The SBS student body and faculty consists of people from all around the world. We offer our participants an experience that prepares them to operate with ease across borders and cultures - in an environment that prizes diversity and the ability to bring a worldwide perspective to the study of business.

Since 2011 SBS Swiss Business School is successfully organizing the international CIVETS Forum Switzerland, inviting 6 highprofile international guest speakers to discuss their personal experiences in regards to Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship within the CIVETS countries (Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa), representing the new emerging markets in global economy.

A fully accredited institution you can trust

SBS Swiss Business School is fully accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education IACBE (CHEA) who has praised SBS as an innovator in business education.

SBS is holding the Swiss Quality Certificate for Institutions of Higher Education (eduQua certified institution).

SBS Swiss Business School has been ranked by the CEO Magazine Western Europe MBA and Global Executive MBA Rankings as a tier one business school. Its Online MBA Program has been listed by the Financial Times Online MBA Rankings.

Programs offered

SBS Swiss Business School offers the following educational programs:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Accelerated Adult Education
  • Master of Business Administration (Full-Time, Flex, Online)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (Modular)
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Summer Program International Finance

Information sessions are frequently held at SBS Campus at Zurich Airport every second Wednesday of the month. The sessions give visitors an overview of programs and activities at SBS. Information Sessions for BBA programs take place from 5 to 6pm, for MBA programs from 6 to 7pm and for Doctoral programs from 7 to 8pm.


The Master of Business Administration program is designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to become an effective manager in a variety of organizational settings. It is a broad-based career-advancement degree rather than a technical training for a particular job within an organization. The broad goal of the program is to provide students with in-depth knowledge and competencies that support their further career development.

The MBA at SBS Swiss Business School is offered as a Full-Time, Flex (Fri to Sun), and Online program. Majors of the SBS MBA are:

  • International Management
  • Finance and Banking
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • E-Business
  • Human Resource Management

SBS Executive MBA

The 16-month program is designed to be compatible with the work pressures and the demanding travel schedules of our participants.

The Executive MBA unites experienced executives and faculty from around the world, to build a global view of business, develop a strategic mindset and gain an understanding of the newest management tools required in today's fast - moving emerging markets.

The goal of SBS is: to help you reach your goals by professional learning, life drawn from experienced classmates, international case studies and expert faculty from around the globe.

The SBS Executive MBA consists of the following 8 modules which are offered with an interval of 2 months:

  • Module 1: Financial Accounting - Marketing Management
  • Module 2: Managerial Economics - Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Module 3: Communication and Negotiation Skills - Financial Management
  • Module 4: Managerial Accounting - Human Resources Management
  • Module 5: Operations and Project Management - International Marketing and Research
  • Module 6: Business Policy and Strategy - International Finance and Banking
  • Module 7: Management Information Systems - Research Methods
  • Module 8: Business Values and Ethics - International Law and Business

Each participant must write a thesis. Personal development and career coaching are one of the essential elements of the program. Special tools like the 360 degree Leadership review, personal coaching sessions MRFI and other tools are used on an individual basis.

Corporate Connections

SBS is closely connected to the world of business through its teaching, faculty, events, and placement network. Business leaders frequently visit the School as guest lecturers and provide students with direct opportunities to learn about state-of-the-art business practice. Companies interested in forging new links are invited to contact the SBS Placement Office.

Classes often use current business problems as their subject matter. Students consult experts and participants in their decision-making, and present their final conclusions to the company's senior managers. Through such "live" case studies, they track issues as they develop over time, and benefit from learning how to apply knowledge to the latest developments of the global economy.

Ultimately the strongest connections to business are through the SBS network of employer contacts. SBS has an enviable record of placing its graduates with leading companies and institutions across the globe. A number of employers visit the School each year to identify suitable graduates to fill positions in their companies. The SBS Placement Office maintains a regular dialogue with potential employers and is ready to welcome them to the campus.

Located in Zürich

Zürich has been consistently ranked as the number one city in the world for the quality of life, making it an ideal place to study international management.

Many multinational companies are located in the Greater Zurich Area, due to the central location of the city at the heart of Europe. It is only one hour by air from London, Paris, Brussels or Berlin. Zürich is the financial, economic, cultural, and media capital of Switzerland.

The quality and variety of Zürich's cultural life, with its numerous theaters, museums and international conferences, as well as its rich nightlife makes it the right place to obtain a global education. Ideally situated on the shores of Lake Zurich, the city offers excellent outdoor and indoor sporting activities. Finally, the city's cosmopolitan character, makes 100 nationalities feel at home.

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    • Balz-Zimmermannstrasse 34
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  • Dr. Bert Wolfs
    Dr. Bert Wolfs
  • Dr. Bert Wolfs
    Dr. Bert Wolfs
    Program manager
  • Dr. Porpan Vachajitpan
    Dr. Porpan Vachajitpan
    Advisory body
  • Marijana Karanfiloska
    Marijana Karanfiloska
    Director of admissions
  • Mr. Abel G. Aganbegyan
    Mr. Abel G. Aganbegyan
    Advisory body
  • Mr. Andreas Wettstein
    Mr. Andreas Wettstein
    Advisory body
  • Mr. Johnny Granges
    Mr. Johnny Granges
    Advisory body
  • Mr. Robert Goetze
    Mr. Robert Goetze
    Advisory body
  • Mrs. Jeanne Baer
    Mrs. Jeanne Baer
    Program manager
  • Ms. Dajana Joseph
    Ms. Dajana Joseph
    Program manager
  • Ms. Jeanne Baer
    Ms. Jeanne Baer
    Program manager
  • Professor Graham Arnold
    Professor Graham Arnold
    Advisory body
Testimonial - 3

I always knew one day I’d find the perfect school that would finally allow me to get my degree, although it definitely seemed a mission impossible at first. I needed a college that would and fit my fully loaded schedule (full time job and working over time), and be flexible enough to match my little finances available to cover the cost of studies. SBS fulfilled all these criteria. To top it all, SBS offered me the opportunity to complete my studies in less than a year! Where else could I find this perfect match? I never knew I could achieve so much in such a short period of time!

From the administrative staff, to the multi-cultured students, to the teachers to the dean, all contributed to my success by bringing out the best in me and by continuously infusing me with the right motivation techniques to never give up no matter how hard it got at times. They all made sure you sat in those classes to succeed. The sessions were insightful, interactive, and practical. With classes ranging anywhere between human resources and international strategic management, SBS never stopped amazing me with its fully loaded educational program.

I am happy to report that to this day, I use the material we were taught at SBS in my daily life in one way or the other, yet, to be a proud holder of a bachelor degree in international business administration from SBS still surpasses it all! The day I was given that certificate was one of the happiest days of my life –one I won’t be forgetting all too soon! Indeed, I knew nothing could stop me from aiming even higher now, and SBS made it possible! In fact, a promotion is floating in the air – wish me luck!

Thanks, SBS!

-Alexia Iskenderian-Alex -  BBA Graduate 2008

Students testimonial - 2
The Executive MBA has valued to my career in providing me the appropriate methods for analyzing the complex professional situations I am often confronted with. I feel more confident when analyzing the daily business cases and progressing along a decision making process where many business aspects are interlinked.

In addition, the “life-long learning” mindset stimulated in this program helps to build a better understanding of the latest developments in the global economy allowing more objective interpretations and judgement.

-Thierry Kieffer - Executive MBA Graduate 2008
Student testimonial - 1

In order to get business people attention, you need to be different. And I got credibility of being "different" by completing MBA studies at Swiss Business School, without changing myself, just adding value from this highly international institution. But this is only the form, the "packaging".

What really matters is the enriched substance one gets from colleagues, lecturers and cases and someone else's experiences...

And I consider myself a very rich man in that aspect.


-Dragan Petrovic - Flex MBA Graduate 2008