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Bachelor of Business Administration

SBS Swiss Business School

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Program Overview

Pursuing a career in business today means preparing yourself for an ever-changing world, reaching into new markets, adopting new technologies and crossing the boundaries between traditional disciplines. Success in this environment depends, to a great extent, on your ability to be versatile, to communicate, to think globally and to be creative in applying business principles to new realities.

Your undergraduate business education is your launching pad into this dynamic world. And no matter what career path you choose-from finance, marketing, management or e-business - the lessons you absorb as an undergraduate will help shape your future.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Core Business Disciplines

Access and foster knowledge.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of core business disciplines (accounting, finance, marketing, management, technology).
  • Understand also the specific degree-related disciplines.

Multicultural perspective

Become a productive, competent, responsible citizen in a global environment.


  • Understand norms and business practices across the globe.
  • Demonstrate methods of examining cross-cultural environments.



  • Demonstrate effective problem-solving.



  • Deliver a coherent and persuasive business argument or analysis
  • Use different communication styles



  • Recognize ethical issues and respond appropriately
  • Recognize and respect diversity


You begin your business education in the first semester of your freshman year at SBS, and you distribute your study of business over six semesters. As a freshman, you'll jump right into the basics, which positions you for the advanced options you'll choose from later. SBS's undergraduate curriculum is designed to give you the maximum degree of choice and flexibility, while also providing insights into all the major fields and functions of management. You will take business courses from many different disciplines and have the opportunity to concentrate in one or several major fields. In the second year of your studies, you need to choose your major.


  • International Management
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

Level University
Form Full-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Location Kloten-Zurich, Switzerland
Type Academic Bachelor (University)
Costs €16661
Class location type At the institute
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Country Switzerland
Completion Diploma
Testimonial Bachelor of Business Administration

"The dean, professors and administrative staff were always striving to meet the highest possible service quality. It is the dedication and commitment of their team that sets SBS apart from other schools."

Manuel Kuchen, BBA
Testimonial Bachelor of Business Administration

"In retrospect it was a good decision to enroll for a BBA study at SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich. Coming from one of the International Schools located in the Zurich area I appreciated very much the international environment offered by SBS Swiss Business School to its students.

During my studies I enjoyed the cultural diversity of SBS' teaching staff which taught me to look at things from different angles and to consider different points of view. I also viewed it a big advantage that classes at SBS tend to be smaller than is the case with state universities and lager business schools. As a result, the learning process was very focused and efficient. The lecturers were always easily accessible and ready to help with further explanations and discussions.

Finally, when I started to apply for jobs I was positively surprised by the good standing SBS Swiss Business School enjoys in the market. It took me only a few applications to find a job in wealth management, the area I was most interested in. All in all I would say that my studies at SBS Swiss Business School were a good investment"

Valentin Heinemann, BBA
Testimonial Bachelor of Business Administration

"The Bachelor programme at SBS was a very valuable experience for me. It has helped to understand the fundamental principles of economics and management and has tought me to apply these in a realistic context.

After succesfully finishing my studies at SBS i will return to pursuing my scientifical education, studying chemistry at the ETH.

Therefore i value the experience at SBS for having provided me with a business and management view of things. Having finished my secondary studies I intend to work in the energy industry, focusing on sustainable solutions for replacing fossil fuel based energy"

David Scholz, BBA
Testimonial Bachelor of Business Administration

"My name is Cecilia Enhörning and I'm a former SBS Swiss Business School Bachelor and soon to be MBA graduate. My major was International Management and throughout my studies I realized that I had a passion for Finance/Banking as well as Marketing and the more people-oriented subjects.

I started applying for jobs and was especially interested in searching for internships within the banking industry. After two weeks of searching I got an interview at the Deutsche Bank as a marketing intern for the Equity Derivatives Sales department in Zurich city. The interview went well and I will being my job in assisting the marketing for structured products, ETC's, ETF's and db funds.

I appreciate what the staff and administration at SBS Swiss Business School has helped me to achieve and will never forget the good times shared. "

Cecilia Enhörning, BBA