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Master of Science in Human Resource Management

SBS Swiss Business School

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About the Program

The Master of Science in Human Resource Management pathway aims to promote a comprehensive understanding of how the human resource management role fits into the overall strategic decision-making and problem-solving functions of the organization.

The SBS MSc in HRM is a direct entry program requiring no previous full-time work experience.

We utilize an innovative approach to team-based learning as we believe strongly in this approach since it reflects today's progressive workplace.

The program will open the door to the international HR Management career opportunities you have dreamed about!

More about the Human Resource Management pathway

Today's organizations are undergoing rapid change. No more so than in the area of the human resource. Organizations are becoming more diverse in respect of the staff employed: issues such as race, gender, culture and age confront the general manager.

The management of people within an organization is considered a strategic function rather than the responsibility of one particular functional area of the organization.

The MSc. in Human Resource Management program provides students with an organizationwide perspective and aims to develop analytical skills within the context of human resource management. The focus of this MSc program is on the interrelationship of human resource management problems and tasks.

Managers with the responsibility for staffing and personnel are adopting a more strategic approach to the issues of people in the organization.

The recruitment of the right people for the right job and the continual training and development of individuals to ensure their effectiveness within the organization are strategic issues which concern both specialists and general managers as a whole.

Admission Criteria

Candidates should have a recognized Bachelor's degree in any subject. Work experience is not compulsory. Students from all backgrounds are welcome to apply.

Final Thesis

Students are encouraged to choose a subject linked to their future career. The project is conducted under the supervision of a lecturer.

Program Structure

  • Introduction Week

Term 1

  • MMM 300 - Marketing Management
  • MGT 535 - Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
  • AAC 501 - Financial Accounting and Theory
  • HRM 514 - Employee Relations Management

Term 2

  • ECO 502 - Managerial Economics
  • COM 507 - Communication and Negotiation Skills
  • MGT 631 - Human Resource Management
  • HRM 506 - Performance Management

Term 3

  • HRM 508 - Compensation Management
  • MIS 502 - Management Information Systems
  • HRM 510 - Training and Development
  • HRM 514 - Organizational Culture and Change

Term 4

  • THE 700 - Research Methods in HR Management
  • MBG 602 - HR Management Project and Business Game
  • THE 755 - Independent Research Project

Foreign Language

Students who don't speak German, can follow German language classes.

Professional Year

The second year of the program is dedicated to do an internship or full-time employment in Switzerland or abroad.

Level University
Form Part-time
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 24 months
Location Kloten-Zurich, Switzerland
Type MSc (Master of Science)
Costs €21262
Class location type At the institute
Titles MSc (Master of Science)
Required language skills English, German
Countries India, Switzerland
Completion Diploma
Credits 90