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Welcome to the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management!

Let us start with one of the school's most important assets: its entrepreneurial and motivated student body! In February 2013, the school had the honour to welcome Herman Van Rompuy, the President of the European Council, as the keynote speaker of the Solvay Business Game, the largest European on-site business game. It gathered 400 students from around the globe, and is fully organized by the students. This event is only one example, amongst many others, that illustrates the importance of having creative and entrepreneurial students in our institution.

But the secret formula of the school is actually more complex than that: it involves a strong focus on quantitative skills, a large number of practitioners sharing their expertise with the students, the will to exploit synergies between economics and management disciplines, high level research activities performed by our full-time faculty, a democratic governance involving all our stakeholders in decision-making, the access to great complementary assets provided by the other faculties of the Université libre de Bruxelles, and a permanent focus on quality improvement, internationalisation and innovation.

Two new double degrees with universities in France and in China will allow selected students to spend one year abroad, and graduate with two official diplomas. With the newly created QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management) networked master, initiated by the school, students may carry out two exchange programmes over one year, in international high quality institutions. In order to attract more students from abroad, the school is currently launching a new series of postgraduate specialized masters. Our flagship master programmes now offer the option of completing up to six months of credited internship abroad.

Two new centres have been created over the past 6 months: iCite is a multidisciplinary research centre focusing on innovation, technology and education. The BES, Business Enterprise and Society Centre, aims at crystallizing further the interplay between private and public institutions on the one hand, and the school on the other.

In a nutshell, high quality stakeholders and a distinct orientation towards innovation and internationalization in our teaching and research services has led to the strong reputation and excellent performance of the Solvay Brussels School, as witnessed by its Financial Times rankings, its research rankings (REPEC) and its EQUIS accreditation."

You are welcome to download the 2013 brochure, it provides a comprehensive snapshot of the Solvay Brussels School, its education and research services, its history, its projects and, last but not least, its stakeholders, its mission and its values.

Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Dean
Alain Philippson, President of the Advisory Board

March 2013

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  • Bruno van Pottelsberghe
    Bruno van Pottelsberghe
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    Chiara Battistelli
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  • Kim Grandjean
    Kim Grandjean
"My best learning experiences at SBS took place in the project teams"

"As an American who had not worked in europe before, the opportunity to learn about europe while completing my MBA studies was a key benefi t of sBs. while the world is converging in many ways, europe remains a unique operating environment for individuals and companies. the SBS experience offers unique insights/skills for doing business in europe, on top of providing a strong international MBA. the relatively small class size and intimacy of the MBA program was also a key factor.

As i have spent most of my career in Asia and specifically china, i also look back fondly on the pleasures of living in Brussels - a lovely place to spend a year! My best learning experiences at SBS took place in the project teams. Beyond hard business skills, i learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, a manager and a team member. this was the most valuable part of
my solvay MBA, and i continue to draw from those experiences in my career journey."

David Brooks (The Coca-Cola Company, VP and General Manager), Olympic Programs Group Beijing, China
"International focus, dynamic teaching methods and the opportunity to learn in a multi-cultural learning environment"

"I chose solvay Brussels school’s part-time MBA programme for its international focus, dynamic teaching methods and the opportunity to learn in a multi-cultural learning environment. the staff/faculty contributions and participative class discussions, all made the experience an invaluable learning process. the teaching method of introducing theory followed by application via group
projects during the two years and culminating with the integrative business plan project has brought both scope and depth to the learning experience and changed my business outlook and structured my thinking process."

Sébastien Schueremans (Manager), Mazars certifi ed Auditors