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Finance for non-financials portfolio

In the general Finance for non-financials portfolio, this programme represents M3- part of level 2. Participants registering to this module are expected to have a prior knowledge in financial statement analysis (see topics covered in module 1).


This programme aims at improving participants' financial insights in a series of business issues, like investment policy and pricing policy. It also reinforces the evaluation process for capital spending proposals and gives the management tools necessary to make more informed decisions.



The training is composed of 2 full days. Classes start at 9h00 and finish at 17h30.



Solvay Brussels School, Av. F.D. Roosevelt, 42, 1050 Brussels


Tuition fees

1 module taken as stand-alone course: 1.800 € (if 3 days) / 1.200 € (if 2 days). If you take at least 3 modules: 10% discount. If you take the 5 modules: 15% discount. 21% VAT is added to the total amount.



Thanks to a strong experience in both academic and business world, our faculty perfectly associates academic knowledge to practical expertise. Case studies and group works combined to ex-cathedra sessions, make the course extremely interactive and enriching for all the participants who will then benefit from continous exchanges with professors and peers.

The traning adresses to non-financial managers and executives or project managers who wish to know how to understand and assess the value created by a project and to decide on future investments.

The programme will covers some key topics necessary to:


  • recognize the time value of money
  • get the basis to valuate financial assets
  • understand investment decisions rules and criteria (payback, internal rate of returns, net present value...)
  • choose amongst different financing proposals: which are the uses of investment decisions rules and criteria? How to select a project with financial resources constraints?
  • understand what the minimum return on your project should be

Level University
Incompany No
Open enrolment Yes
Lead time 2 days
Costs (indication) Between € 1,350 and € 2,700
Titles No title
Required language skills English
Country Belgium
Completion Certificate