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Hasselt University: a creative hub in the 'international innovation web'

Interested in acquiring in-depth knowledge and developing professional skills? Dreaming of a successful career as a researcher?Looking for an excellent partner to collaborate with? Then you've come to the right place at Hasselt University!

Our university is not an island of knowledge, but rather a creative hub in a complex economic and social network consisting of large and small companies and organisations, research institutes, and other universities.

We see this network as an 'international innovation web'. Everybody in our university - students, teachers and researchers - is a vital part of this network and participates actively in it. As the world is becoming more and more globalised our graduates often end up in organisations that are active all around the world and as a university we want to prepare our students as best we can for an exciting career, in Belgium or abroad. This is why Hasselt University does not only focus on teaching knowledge, but also on lifelong employability skills such as teamwork, time management, communication skills and international experiences. By doing so we put what our university is all about, i.e. 'Knowledge in Action', into practice.

There are numerous reasons why Hasselt University attracts many international students & researchers. One of them is our excellent staff, who consist of leading authorities in both research and education. Another advantage is our innovative approach to university education. Our programmes are accredited by the NVAO (the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) and multiple facets of these programmes have been awarded the very highest rank: excellent. They set the standard for an international level. Last but not least, the city of Hasselt is a great place to soak up student life and prepare for your professional career.

Prof. dr. Luc De Schepper
Rector of Hasselt University


Hasselt University was established in 1971. Until 1991 it was an undergraduate level university institution consisting of two faculties: the Faculty of Medicine-Dentistry and the Faculty of Sciences (with study programmes in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Biology). In 1991 Hasselt University expanded by transforming the Limburg Business School (Economische Hogeschool Limburg), an independent university college which was located on the same campus, into the Faculty of Applied Economics. At the same time, Hasselt University became entitled to organize postgraduate programmes and to award doctoral degrees in its three Faculties.

In 2001 the Flemish and Dutch Ministers of Education signed an International Treaty by which the transnational University Limburg was founded. Academic staff from Hasselt University and from nearby Maastricht University (in the Dutch Province of Limburg, the Netherlands) jointly undertake research activities and offer degree programmes in Life Sciences and Computer Sciences.

In September 2004 Hasselt University started with an unique degree programme (bachelor and master) in Transportation Sciences. Since September 2008 Hasselt University was entitled to organize a bachelor programme of Law. Hasselt University can award doctoral degrees in its four Faculties and in the Institute of Transportation Sciences.

Hasselt University is a young, innovative and dynamic university with approximately 3.000 students, 600 teaching and research staff and 250 administrative and technical staff.

In 2002 Hasselt University, together with XIOS Hogeschool Limburg and the Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg (PHL), established the Limburg Association of Higher Education. This Association led to the foundation of three "Associated Faculties":

  • the associated Faculty of Applied and Industrial Sciences;
  • the associated Faculty of Architecture;
  • the associated Faculty of Physiotherapy.

In these faculties the research basis is provided by Hasselt University.

Vision & Mission

Hasselt University is an independent innovative university which is regionally anchored and has a pronounced international orientation. The university stands for excellence in education, top research in spearhead fields and active engagement in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The overall objective is to combine academic excellence with economic and social relevance.
The university aims to widen participation, addressing all talents, and inspires its students and staff to develop their full potential in a dynamic environment.

Hasselt University targets students with attractive undergraduate, graduate and PhD programmes which are research-led and characterised by a high academic level and the integration of lifelong employability skills. The programmes are supported by a range of innovative and effective teaching and learning forms.

University research policy is directed at top research in spearhead fields in a number of domains (electronic materials, ICT, life sciences, clean tech, biostatistics, traffic safety and mobility, open innovation and small businesses). In those multidisciplinary domains, the research institutes of Hasselt University combine fundamental and applied research, including contract research for regional and international industry and organizations. A fully staffed Technology Transfer Office is responsible for valorisation of research results and takes the lead in starting up several spin-off companies per year. The university assumes an active role in stimulating innovative economic activities in the region, including the co-ordination of regional thematic company clusters in domains such as life sciences, renewable energy and clean tech.

Hasselt University has an extensive international network and develops joint programmes with universities in Flanders and The Netherlands.

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