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By 2030 the majority of people will be educated abroad!

Vlerick is a leading international business school... with a dfference. Yes, we offer fully-accredited, worldclass education programmes combining a healthy mix of theoretical knowledge and practical insight. Yes, we are a leading academic institution with a strong tradition of innovative and independent research. Yes, we boast internationally recognised, expert faculty with close ties to the corporate world. And yes, we are consistently ranked amongst the top business schools in Europe and the world.

However, what truly sets Vlerick apart is not just what we do but the spirit in which we do it. The Vlerick spirit is defi ned by openness, vitality and a passion for innovation and enterprise. It is a spirit that can be found in every aspect of our school and its activities: from our enthusiastic, highly motivated staff to our innovative and pragmatic teaching methods; from our global network of students, alumni and corporate partners to our inspiring, vibrant campuses.

It is all these elements together that have made Vlerick Business School the leading institution it is today: a place where people and organisations come together to shape the future of global business.

Vlerick in the World

  • Campuses in Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and St. Petersburg
  • Alliances with over 40 international business schools
  • Established partnerships with 250 companies and multinational corporations
  • Network of 17 000 alumni in over 100 countries
  • World-class education programmes
  • Since 1953
  • Ranked amongst the best in Europe
  • Approx. 800 MBA and Masters students
  • 40 nationalities represented in the MBA programme
  • 200 enthusiastic staff
  • Over 6000 participants in executive education
  • More than 50 faculty with 12 different nationalities
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    • Campus Brussel - Bolwerklaan 21 bus 32
    • 1210 Brussel, België
    • België
    • Visiting address
    • Campus Gent - Reep 1
    • 9000 Gent, België
    • België
    • Visiting address
    • Campus Leuven - Vlamingenstraat 83
    • 3000 Leuven, België
    • België
    • Visiting address
    • Birzhevaya Linia 16
    • 199034 St. Petersburg, Rusland
    • Rusland
  • Koen Dewettinck
    Koen Dewettinck
  • Leen De Bock
    Leen De Bock
    Advisory body
  • Marike van der Staak
    Marike van der Staak
    Advisory body
  • Patrick De Greve
    Patrick De Greve
  • Prof. dr Dirk Buyens
    Prof. dr Dirk Buyens
  • Prof. dr. Philippe Haspeslagh
    Prof. dr. Philippe Haspeslagh
  • Tanja Vercruysse
    Tanja Vercruysse
    Advisory body
  • Yolanda Habets
    Yolanda Habets
    Program manager
Executive MBA

"Choosing the Executive MBA was the optimal decision for me - not only because of the programme's flexibility (it is conducted outside of working hours), but also because of the level of professionalism and work experience of the participants themselves. Rich interactive discussions were the norm thoughout our MBA programme, and they were enhanced even more by the group's multiculturalism - no less than 10 nationalities. Added to that, our international trip to India was an unforgettable experience, both professionally and from a personal life perspective. Overall, the executive MBA has contributed tremendously to my business knowledge and has taught me how to swim in the turbulent oceans of the business world."

Mauricio Botero (Engineer), Cisco Systems
Executive MBA


Executive MBA 2010

"In my opinion, the Vlerick Executive MBA delivers exactly what it promises: highly practical information delivered by great professors with hands-on industry experience, lively class discussions and challenging group work that enables us to share our knowledge and experience. The programme’s schedule - with weekend sessions and 4 full residential weeks - is another important advantage, as it minimises disruptions to work and personal pursuits".


Julia Mikerova (Head of Consulting), OCO Global